In Office Weight-Loss Program

$650 Value for $525.00

My 3-month “In Office Weight-Loss Program” has been designed to give you the support you need to move toward your weight loss goals.  This proven system includes Hypnotherapy, Coaching and Nutritional Counseling, working together to give you the tools you need to meet your goals.  No dieting, not deprivation.  You will visit the office 2 times each month, once for a coaching  and once for a hypnotherapy session while listening to your recorded sessions between appointments.

What you get:

  • Free 1-1/2 hour evaluation and introduction 
  • Free prerecorded Stress Reduction cd at time of introduction
  • Set a goal  
  • Make a plan
  • Start your program with a Detox Protocol to temporarily remove gluten and dairy from your diet, cleanse the colon, and give your body the good essential fats it needs to shed the unwanted weight
  • Four  1 hour bi-weekly reviews to discuss your success and, if you find you have some challenges, determine what you may want or need to move forward
  • Three 1-1/2 hour monthly hypnotherapy sessions which will be recorded and you will take that recorded session home to listen to until your next session
  • Three pre-recorded hypnosis cd’s to help you continue on with your success

Your Cost:

$475.00 if paid in full on first visit (a bargain at $525.00)


1st payment of $300.00 on first visit/ 2nd payment of  $225.00 on second visit

We accept Visa, Master Card, Cash or Check

A $25.00 fee for any returned checks

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