Self-Healing Using Hypnosis

Fighting Disease From Within

Most treatment you receive from your doctor does little or nothing to support your body, mind and spirit.  A poorly nourished, poorly supported person that has been diagnosed with an illness is overwhelmed by emotions and is likely to have a much more difficult time than one who is better nourished, better supported, and better balanced emotionally.  That is where I come into the picture.  

I help you:

  • Find your inner strength to fight disease
  • Stimulate your immune system
  • Learn hypnotic relaxation techniques to cope with stress and pain

Your mind and body communicate in images, and this dialogue is going on all the time, sometimes in healing ways, sometimes in harmful ways, although much of the time you may not be consciously aware of it.

I have worked with many clients dealing with health issues, from fighting cancer to pain and stress management. 

Many studies have shown that good nutrition, herbs and mind-body (hypnosis) approaches are all effective in reducing adverse effects from conventional treatments, and very likely improving treatment results, and increasing the  of recovery from disease.

Hypnosis using imagery has become quickly and widely accepted as a useful adjunct in the treatment of people diagnosed with many diseases due largely to its ease of use, low cost, and rapid psychological benefits.

It has been shown to reduce complications from surgery, relieve pain and reduce adverse effects of chemotherapy.  

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